Samples of my past work.

The examples here are a small selection of my publicly available work. For a more detailed work history, check out my LinkedIn profile.

  • Validated - screenshots from a project with Django, Bootstrap, Facebook and Google integrations
  • Writing - articles and documentation I’ve written
  • Games - screenshots and links to games I created

Validated - validated.co

Created merchant backend for customer rewards startup.

  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Integrations:
    • Facebook
    • Google Maps
  • Plugins:

screenshot of administrative area for user activation used Django Forms with Bootstrap to display and process forms screenshot of a dropdown menu listing merchants administrative views allow site owners to manage user accounts screenshot of an image upload widget easy image editing with Cropper screenshot of a social media form page lookup and verification with Facebook API integration screenshot of a Google Maps widget Google Maps integration allows easy customizing of store location


You can read my writing on this site and at O’Reilly Media. I’ve also contributed to open source project documentation.

Some highlights:

4 steps to solving any software problem - a step-by-step guide for programmers at all experience levels.

Django Checklist - condensed instructions on creating a page in Django.

Django Overview for Women Who Code website project.


Simple Minesweeper and Blackjack games in JavaScript–I didn’t use a framework, and there’s no backend. The goal was to explore object-oriented JavaScript.

screenshot of a Minesweeper game screenshot of a Blackjack game screenshot of a Blackjack game, closeup